Over the years it has been our privilege to work with many engineers, process operators and other people who have encouraged and cooperated with us. Those who are mentioned below are but a small selection, whose influence has strongly encouraged the preparation of this book or who have directly contributed to it. Of special influence was the late Frank Moles, founder of the Fuels and Energy Research Group at the University of Surrey (FERGUS), who changed our thinking about industrial combustion, and Roger Gates, Technical Director of Rugby Cement, who allowed us to implement Frank’s and our ideas on the company’s plants.
We would like to thank many of the engineers at the former Midlands Research Station of British Gas, especially Neil Fricker, Malcolm Hogarth, Mike Page, Rachel Palmer, Jeff Rhine and Bob Tucker all of whom encouraged us to found Fuel and Combustion Technology Ltd. (FCT), in 1984 and to apply modelling techniques to industrial combustion and heat transfer problems. We believe that we were the first to use these techniques commercially on a large scale.
We owe a special debt of gratitude to those who were brave enough to give us our early work at FCT, including Len May, Terry Henshaw and John Salisbury of ARC Ltd., Erik Morgensen and Lars Christiansen of Haldor Topsoe A/S, Greg Mills of Alcoa Australia, Ian Flower and Con Manias of Adelaide Brighton Cement, Philip Alsop of PT Semen Cibinong, Terry Adams and Peter Gorog of the Weyerhaeuser Company, all of whom were very influential in providing FCT with its early projects.
We should also like to thank Alcoa World Alumina and Hador Topose A/S for permission to publish descriptions of their projects.
Peter Mullinger would also particularly like to thank the late Emeritus Professor Sam Luxton who strongly supported his change of direction to an academic career in 1999. Without that change, it is unlikely that time would have ever been available to complete this task. Peter would also like to thank his colleagues at the University of Adelaide who, either contributed directly to the book, or who covered his teaching duties during the first half of 2005 and first half of 2007, when the majority of this book was written, particularly Prof Keith King, Dr Peter Ashman, Prof. Gus Nathan and Dr Yung Ngothai, A.Prof Dzuy Nguyen and A.Prof Brian O’Neill.
We should also like to thank those commercial companies who provided data, photographs and drawings (who are acknowledged in the captions) but special thanks are due to Adam Langman, who tuned our woeful sketches into artistic masterpieces and Dave Crawley of DCDesign Services, who produced the process and instrument drawings and flow diagrams. Grateful thanks are also due to Dr. Christine Bertrand, Mr Dennis Butcher and Dr John Smart for their invaluable contribution to the sections on ‘CFD modelling’, ‘Furnace control and safety’ and ‘NOx formation and control’ respectively.
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