SECTION I New Concepts and Modernization of Rolling Mills

Chapter 1 A History of Minimills Producing Flat-Rolled Steel
John Stubbles
Chapter 2 Review of Casting and Rolling Lines with Thin- and Medium-Slab Casters
Vladimir B. Ginzburg
Chapter 3 Methodology and Results of Major Hot Strip Mill Modernization Projects
Wlodzimierz Boleslaw Filipczyk
Chapter 4 Plate Mill Upgrades for High-Strength Products
J. F. Evans and P. Sopp
Chapter 5 Roughing Mill Work Rolls for Hot Strip Production
Michael Windhager and Karl Heinz Ziehenberger
Chapter 6 High-Speed Steel Rolls: The Last Frontier in Hot Steel Rolling
Alberto Tremea, Angelo Biggi, Massimo Pellizzari, and Alberto Molinari
Chapter 7 Tunnel Furnace Roll Options and Energy Considerations
Robert J. Echlin, Daniel V. Miller, and Roman I. Pankiw
Chapter 8 Descaling of Hot-Rolled Strip
John B. Tiley and Per A. Munther
SECTION II Modeling of Flat Rolling Processes
Chapter 9 Modeling for Reheat Furnace Practices
Shaojie Chen
Chapter 10 Improvement of Schedules for Hot Rolling of Thin Wide Strips
Eduard Garber, Alexander Traino, and Irina Kozhevnikova
Chapter 11 Width Variation Behavior during Hot Rolling
Qiulin Yu
iv Contents
Chapter 12 Parameter Optimization and Uncertainty Quantifi cation in Rolling
Arif S. Malik and Ramana V. Grandhi
Chapter 13 Simulation for the Dynamic Behavior of Strips Running on Hot Run-Out Tables
Yuji Ohara, Shin-ichiro Aoe, Hiromasa Hayashi, and Kazushige Ishino
Chapter 14 Laminar Flow-Cooling of Wide Heavy-Thickness Strip in a Hot Rolling Mill
Qiulin Yu
Chapter 15 Consideration of Microstructure Evolution in Hot Strip Mill Automation
Hans-Ulrich Löffl er, Klaus Weinzierl, and Rüdiger Döll
Chapter 16 Novel Mathematical Models for Cold-Rolling Process
Eduard Garber, Alexander Traino, and Irina Kozhevnikova
Chapter 17 Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication of Cold-Rolling Lubricants and Its
Mechanism in Nonconformal Rolling Contacts
Ian Burton
SECTION III Measurement, Automation, and Process Control
Chapter 18 Multivariable Hot Strip Mill Control
Gerald Hearns, T. Bilkhu, and Peter Reeve
Chapter 19 Finishing Mill Predictive Temperature Control
Gerald Hearns, Chris Fryer, and Peter Reeve
Chapter 20 Digital Visual Inspection of Coils
Mohammad B. Assar, Larry Romanauski, Matt Kremer, Margaret Krolikowski, Joe Franklin,
Mike L. Elliott, and Randy A. Stankie
Chapter 21 Yield Improvement through Better Crop Optimization
Robert L. Ricciatti
Chapter 22 State-of-the-Art, Noncontact Infrared, Laser, and Microwave Intelligent
Sensors and Systems for Steel Mills
François Reizine, Bingji Li, and John Nauman
Chapter 23 Cold-Rolling Mill Vibration and Its Impact on Productivity and Product Quality
Tom Farley
Chapter 24 IMPOC©: An Online Material Properties Measurement System
Klaus Herrmann and Matthias Irle
Contents v
Chapter 25 Technologies for the Prediction and Control of Microstructural Changes and
Mechanical Properties
Kazuhiro Ohara
Chapter 26 Metallurgical, Modeling, and Software Engineering Issues in the Further
Development of the Steel Mill Level 2 Models
Bingji Li and John Nauman
SECTION IV Strip Profi le and Flatness Control
Chapter 27 Methods of Describing, Assessing, and Infl uencing Shape Deviations in Strips
Gert Mücke, Paul Dieter Pütz, and Frank Gorgels
Chapter 28 Local Shape Defects in Cold Rolling: Simulation, Causes Identifi cation, and Reduction
Yuli Liu, Jian Fan, and Mike Levick
Chapter 29 Fundamentals of Online Flatness Measuring Devices
Fabio Miani and Paolo Patrizi
Chapter 30 Recent Developments in Strip-Profi le Calculation
Arif S. Malik and Ramana V. Grandhi
Chapter 31 Hot Band Profi le Irregularities Related to Thermal Contour of Work Rolls
Eugene Nikitenko
Chapter 32 Analysis of the Transverse Temperature Distribution in the Hot Strip Mill of a
Compact Strip Production Plant
Jie Zhang, Lili Tian, Paolo Patrizi, and Fabio Miani
Chapter 33 Innovations in Shape Measurement and Control for Cold-Rolled
Flat Strip Products
Mark E. Zipf

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